Bulk Produce (fresh fruit and vegetables) for Schools

Designed to deliver produce options to school-aged students year-long, this program promotes consumption of local produce and supports a healthier message to the school community. Sign up here to get our weekly email describing the options that we source especially with students and school budgets in mind.


A selection of PPM 150 and/or SNP guidelines compliant items sourced with food allergies, budget restrictions and ease of serving in mind:

  • NaturPAX All Natural Fruit and Cereal Bars – these Canadian-made bars are nut-free, gluten-free and vegan, and comply with current nutritional guidelines. Please contact us for information.
  • Sweets from the Earth – granola, baked goods and bars, made by a local bakery with all natural ingredients. Products are allergen-free and provide maximum nutritional value. Please contact us for information about Sweets from the Earth school-compliant products.
  • Cereals, crackers and fine breads – please contact us to find out more about these school-compliant products.

Healthy Workplaces

Produce and grain options are provided to workplaces largely through employee wellness programs. Fresh produce and grain are a perfect snack in offices and lunchrooms and make a great addition to meetings, promotional events, conferences and trade shows.